Top English School of Today moved to a new level of teaching!

Time is a precious thing for every human being. Sometimes it’s not enough at all.

There are busy people among the students of Top English School of Today, who simply don’t have time to arrive to our center.

Based on their pressure of work we open on-line English courses.

The lessons will be taught in any convenient time for you!

You can learn English without leaving the house, wherever you want, where the access to the Internet is.

Our teachers will be pleased to provide on-line lessons according to the individual program.

To sign up for these courses you have to:

1. Call in our center and to sign up for online courses

2. Get acquainted with your teacher in order to discuss some details

3. Enjoy the lessons in any convenient time for you




 Tel: (+37322)815 157; 815 155

Tel/Fax: (+37322)815 156

Tel: (+373 22) 815 157, 815 155
Fax/Tel: (+373 22) 815 156
Skype: topenglish-test

Our credo
  • Education is a valued partnership shared by teachers and students.
  • Effective and honest communication is essential.
  • Our students deserve the highest quality education we can provide.
  • All teachers must be committed to the high standards necessary for all students to learn.
  • The school must provide a positive and welcoming environment to everyone.